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Why Celebrating your Original Wedding date is important

Coronavirus yes there it is the word that has been haunting everyone this year.

social distance wedding corona virus wedding cancelled

Add into the mix that you have planned the most important day of your life, spent £1000's and £1000's of pounds, have invited all your guests and the stress levels jump through the roof.

You and your partner will have literally spent so much time on energy stressing about if your wedding is going to go ahead and what to do if it cannot...

  • Can I change my supplier's date

  • Will the venue let me swap to next year

  • What about my guests who have booked accommodation

  • Is my elderly relative going to still be around next year

  • If I go ahead am I putting all my guests at risk

  • Will it be the wedding I dreamed off will my guests enjoy themselves or be cautious

  • Will the wedding insurance cover my costs

  • Are all my wedding party guests available for next year

  • If I go ahead this year will I be able to have my dress fittings

The list goes on and on and quite frankly you deserve to give yourself a big pat on the back.

Coronavirus wedding cancelled function band party band

Events at this time are stressful for people who work in the industry professionally so if you are doing this alone give yourself credit. YOU ARE A SUPERSTAR

If you are reading the blog I presume you have gone through all your options and have now decided to postpone your original wedding date...

You probably feel an immense sense of relief, the stress is gone and you can now focus all your energy on the new date, and all the positives that new date brings. check out this blogs to some positives to postponing

This doesn't change the fact that you have put an enormous amount of work, emotion, and excitement into your original date so celebrate it, you deserve too.

If you are not sure what to do on your original Wedding date here is my advice is to celebrate. it's going to be a day of mixed emotions for sure, so spin it on its head and have some fun.

Here are my suggestions ...

1. Get glammed up. do your hair your make up and feel great about yourself.

Coronavirus wedding cancelled what to do

2. Get out the house a nice walk with your partner, a bit of sun can turn your world around ( or you can pray for rain and then be so grateful that this isn't your wedding day haha)

What to do now my wedding is cancelled because of corona virus

3. Rally the troops, get that zoom account downloaded and host a mini party, plan a quiz you should 100% still celebrate in some way with all your loved ones.

4. Small Gifts - you and your partner can treat each other to a small gift, who doesn't like giving and receiving gifts? it doesn't have to be fancy some flowers a special card, just something that shows how much you love each other, and regardless of the circumstances, you are going to get through this together.

how to celebrate my original wedding date that has been cancelled due to corona

5. Get a takeaway and drink champagne, Order in its a treat and I'm not talking the chippy most local restaurants are offering a delivery service, Treat yourself. and as for the expensive Champagne that has been sat on the shelf waiting for a special occasion ... Get it in the fridge and enjoy yourself.

wedding day cancelled coronavirus, wedding insurance wedding cancelled

6. Finally dance ... you know your first dance song put it on and dance in the living room. and then for after that I've attached a link to and All The Feels Mini Mix so get the disco lights on and enjoy your Day.

PS... Don't forget you can ask me anything and I will reply within 24 hours

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