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Top Tips to keep your dancefloor full all night.

Working at weddings events, I listen to what people want the most out of their event and hands down the thing I hear the most is...

Party band for weddings and events. full dance floor

"I just want the dancefloor to be full and everyone to be dancing all night"

And who wouldn't want that, at most Weddings the thing people remember the most is the atmosphere and music so here are my top tips to making sure the dancefloor is and stays full all night.

I want my songs played in this order?

Whilst this might work for some my advice is to Trust your band and DJ, for the most part, your band and DJ know what they are doing and how to fill the floor and how to maintain the momentum of the evening.

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Can I request songs?

Yes, absolutely I always think its a nice touch to send your guests a ... I promise to dance if you play... in advance this way your DJ has a great idea of the vibe and can work requests into his set in advance, so you get to hear all your favorite songs but at a time that it's going to suit the crowd.

When should I have our evening food?

So nothing kills a dancefloor like a buffet, even though at wedding's usually you have been fed only hours before your guests cannot resist the pull of a buffet, I would recommend talking with your band and venue and having your evening food in the bands break or after they have finished this way everyone gets the best of both.

Enlist the help of your wedding party

When it's your event your day people gravitate towards you, wherever you are the guests want to be, so grab team bride and team groom and get on the dancefloor, it also means you can let loose and have the best night without having to worry about working the room

How does having a band help?

Having the right band makes the biggest difference, the crowd interaction that you get, makes sure everyone involved, The set is structured to bring out the best dance moves from all your guests. my favourite thing about All The Feels is that the music never stops so there are no breaks to leave the dancefloor, everything is live mixed so its just floor filler after floor filler.

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Make sure you are comfortable

Let's be honest those stunning wedding shoes might not last night, have something more comfortable to change into, it doesn't have to be a standard flip flop, something that's still fabulous but you know you can walk for miles in.

Lighting is key

Get the disco lights and lasers on, Lighting adds a huge amount to the atmosphere, anything too bright can make your guests feel self-conscious, so bring down the lights and get ready to cut your best moves without any judgement (prosecco usually helps for this too)

The Bar

Keeping your bar close to the dancefloor were possible is key, Ofcourse at a Wedding, people like to have a few drinks and will making trips back and forth to the bar if you keep your bar close even when your guests are at the bar they can still feel like they are part of the dancefloor action

And they are my top tips.

PS...don't forget if you have any questions you can get in touch here and I promise to respond within 24 hours

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