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Top Tips for picking Wedding entertainment

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You're getting married

Firstly congratulations on your upcoming Wedding. This is truly an exciting time so don't forget to stop and enjoy the moment.

When it comes to entertainment and live bands there are so many factors to consider so here are All The Feels Collective's top tips for picking the best entertainment for your big day!

What are the non-negotiables?

  • Make sure that the band are professionals and music is their full-time job

Pro musicians know how to work the room and bring the best out of each other as well as their audience, they put there set together with such detail so the dance floor is full for the whole evening whilst taking you on a musical journey the best wedding bands make the crowd feel like they are a part of it.

100 wardour street party band live entertainment

  • Make sure the band play the music you like

it sounds so simple but you can easily get it wrong there is no point booking a jazz band if you really want to let loose kick off your heels and dance the night away. It is your day but think of your guests and who is most likely to be filling the floor for the whole evening, happy guests create the best weddings. Guests tend to remember the feeling and Atmosphere rather than the colour scheme.

  • Are they experienced?

Look at Acts client list and reviews if you have acts who play the local pub and then people who play luxury clubs, weddings and corporate events the difference in quality and can be huge.

entertainment advice for weddings top tips

  • Do they look good?

Presentation is really important you and all your guests have made a massive effort to look incredible so you don't want your entertainment turning up in a creased ill-fitting outfit, they should look tailored groomed and like a group

  • Can I communicate with them easily?

Try and develop a good relationship with your band, chat to them about your expectations or concerns for the day, if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask I know from my experience with All The Feels we are happy to accommodate most things and a small conversation can get rid of all the stress and pressure you might be feeling, we do this all the time so are here to help.

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  • Look after your band.

Look after your band offer them a room to relax in before the show maybe even some food, it just puts everyone in a great mood and the band can prepare and change for the performance

  • Spend your money wisely

Spend your money wisely, great entertainment doesn't come cheap. But this doesn't mean you can't have your dream band, think of your budget and spend it wisely. All The Feels offer a full live Dj service, so not having to hire a separate DJ makes the costs much more reasonable. in my experience guests rate your wedding of the feeling they got, not the fact they had one reception drink or two. with amazing entertainment, it will create an incredible feeling and a wedding to remember.

  • Always trust the supplier

And the most important thing of all go with the entertainment you trust you do not want to be stressing about them the whole day, this your day to shine and be loved by everyone in the room so enjoy it and make it one you or your guests will never forget!

Award winning Wedding Band
Award winning Wedding Band

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