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The Wedding Buzz is Back

WOW, what a bloody year it's been, I remember in March 2020 having a conversation with a bride who was due to be married in September 2020 and saying I can't see this going on until then don't panic I am sure everything will be fine, haha how naive I was... 3 lockdowns later I am so ready to ROLL ON TO SUMMER 2021.

I'm now like all of us lot wiser and with a double shot of Pfizer in my arm I am ready to go.

Wedding planning summer 2021

Planning a wedding in this time has been so challenging for so mant reasons.

The main one being not knowing if you are actually allowed to have your big day, My heart goes out to all the couples in the planning process, I am really proud to say we have managed to retain 100% of our couples through rescheduling and a flexible approch.

Im now so happy for all our couples that they can actually get excited about their big day,

wedding day dress reveal

A wedding isn't meant to be constant panic and stress it's about enjoying the planning and celebrating so much more than just one day,

Venue booked = Celebration

Wedding Party = Celebration

Bridemaid's dresses = Celbration

Booked your Band = Celebrate

I think you get my thinking here, it's your time to celebrate and enjoy every little aspect of your day, The planning is all part of the fun. its years in the making and you should be able to celebrate every milestone however small that feels.

So after a long yesr we finnaly got the news we had all been waiting for with the announcement from June 21st that no wedding restrictions will still be in place, I am thrilled that couples can get excited and celebrate all the planning stages possible.

Wedding breakfast entertainment

The wedding buzz is back and inquiries for All The Feels are up to a higher rate than ever before, and summer 2021 is going to be an incredible time for us and guests of any wedding.

I'm imagining celebrations like never before the whole country is desperate to celebrate love with all our nearest and dearest.

All The Feels will be taking Lateral Flow tests before all weddings to ensure the safety of all our guests.

So let's all get excited and get ready to dance the night away. Celebrate every little win, and don't forget if you are looking for Incredible entertainment get in touch now before your date is gone.

PS... Dont forget you can ask us anything at any time and you will recieve a response in less than 24 hours .... Ask us a question NOW

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