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The Best Package for you?

So you have decided you love All The Feels, but you now have to choose the package that is best for you.

What can I get for my Budget?

With a range of lineups, it's sometimes hard to decide what to go for, Now all our line ups give you the All The Feels experience. Of course, the line ups range in price the more musicians you have the more you spend, so really look at your budget and see what you can make work for your Wedding day.

Is it better to have a larger line-up?

The more elements you add the better it gets, it gives your guests more to look at and more to interact with when the band is performing. but whatever the line up the energy is always 100.

What is your most popular package?

From North to South By far our most popular line up for brides is the 5piece you get your Dj, two amazing vocalists, Saxophone and percussion so it offers great impact and keeps everyone entertained as well as being more budget-conscious

What is the most popular package?

The most popular package is the band for 90 mins along with our west end Dj all evening, its a great way to keep your whole evening current and flowing without any glitches, a lot of Live bands offer an iPad Dj Service this is not the case for our wedding packages our Dj will be live mixing on pioneer decks this is the only way to keep the party going.

What is the all-day package like?

If you have the Budget the all-day package is incredible, it allows us to entertain your guests from the service all the way through to the last dance, We love love love doing it and you and your guests will have the best time too,

Check out our latest video Filmed at the Palm House it shows the full package off at its best.

But whatever package you decide to go for remember we are one call or email away, you can ask anything you want. booking live entertainment and wedding bands can be a mind field, we try to make it as easy as possible. no question is silly, this is going to be the happiest day of your life and we take it seriously, we want you to have the most incredible time so anything we can do to make that happen we will!

Best Wedding live band Package for you
Best Wedding live band Package for you


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