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Meltem & Sadun's Stunning Turkish Wedding.

Meltem & Sadun are an amazing couple based in London, We first met Meltem when she was a guest at Amber's wedding at Carlton Towers.

Middle temple hall wedding venue

After watching us live we got chatting about her own wedding and the planning for later in the year, we exchanged emails and after some back and forth we were excited Meltem had chosen to book with All The Feels.

I think Meltem's main concern was the mix of cultures whilst wanting to have a current party band she also needed the DJ to be able to mix modern classics with the traditional Turkish songs that needed to be played.

So I put together a short 10-minute mini mix demonstrating the mix and finish we could create, and we were all good to go Meltem and Sadun were happy and felt relaxed and it really took the pressure away from them knowing they could completely relax and trust in All The Feels

London Wedding Live Party band

We also mixed there first dance so they could practice before the big day and I have to say it was epic a 7-minute extravaganza.

Live Music Wedding Band

The timings were slightly different than usual, we performed our first set before dinner as guests entered the room and, the atmosphere was electric everyone partied and celebrated the couple.

London Wedding Function Band

During dinner, our DJ played and kept the atmosphere going before our second set after the dinner was finished, followed by the traditional Turkish songs and dances, the energy in the room was contagious and we all had a great time along with all the guests.

Wedding entertainment essex london

The venue was beautiful the amazing Middle Temple Hall in the heart on the Capital. the venue has huge ceilings and so much character, and you must check it out if you are looking for a wedding in the heart of London.

Love Lydia did an amazing job of coordinating and planning the whole event.

The award-winning Tom Halliday provided the lens for the daytime and evening and the pictures are stunning

And as always we pride ourselves on our 5-star reviews and Meltem & Sadun did not disappoint, they left us the sweetest google review, and I'm absolutely thrilled that we could be a part of their day and create memories that last a lifetime with them and all their guest's.

Check out the review below x

"All The Feels Collective. Where do I begin? Absolutely incredible. Love them. Best decision ever. It took me a while to write this review because I knew it wasn’t something I could rush and would struggle to find the right words to say how incredibly happy we were to have had All The Feels Collective at our wedding, but here goes... I first saw All The Feels Collective at a friend’s wedding and fell in love with their set - amazing energy, brilliant vocals, the songs you love with the fantastic instruments making it a great live set. I just had to convince my then-fiancé who had not seen them live to book them for our wedding and in the end, he was equally ecstatic that we went with them.

Simon was amazing from the start – winning hands down on the supplier that responded to us the fastest, helping us where he could, and making us feel at ease ahead of the big day. They even very quickly compiled sections of three songs we wanted to combine for our first dance, which we were able to use at our lessons and on the day. Simon also helped us in relation to our additional speaker requirements, speaking directly with one of our suppliers to arrange this. On the day itself, they were super accommodating to our changing needs. I really appreciated this on the day. The wedding started off with a bang with their first set (we went for the 5 piece set with 2 vocals, drums, saxophone, and DJ) and we agreed to amend slightly by ending first set a bit sooner and prolonging the second set, to accommodate for dinner that was being served at the same time. The song selection in both sets was perfect and beautifully performed. The DJ was reactive to our needs in terms of the order of songs / which ones to move onto/remove from the list of songs we had put together for the DJ set and played on up to midnight. The DJ even played some Turkish songs we had selected in advance and a few of these songs were accompanied by the live drums which were a big hit with our guests. The whole band was very professional, so lovely to work with and very warm towards us and our guests on the day. Simon also helped massively with the announcements for things like speeches and cake cutting which helped string everything together.

Wedding Sax player

Everyone was so impressed by the live performances and the DJ set with drums. Even weeks after the wedding we had many family and friends comment on how amazing they were and how great a job they did at keeping up the energy levels.

This was exactly what we had wanted – a fun wedding with amazing music, a great lively vibe with everyone on the dance floor, which All The Feels Collective achieved beyond any expectation. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. We really can’t say it enough. We really hope we can see you live again soon and who knows, maybe we can work together again at another big party!

Check out this video we put together from the clips on the day x

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