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It's 2020 there is no toilet roll or hand sanitizer left in the UK and it seems the world has gone a little bit mad, Coronavirus has hit and for all of us, this is unchartered waters and can be a really unsettling time for Couples getting married as well as Suppliers.

coronavirus Wedding day cancelled
coronavirus Wedding day cancelled

All your suppliers will support you

The first thing to bear in mind is that all of your suppliers are Self-employed they have worked for months with you in the run-up to your wedding and no one wants this event to go-ahead more than them. For suppliers, it's an uncertain time. will clients cancel? will clients stop booking? Here at All The Feels, we want nothing more than business as usual, without our events going ahead we don't have a business, so remember suppliers are on your side.

Support for brides getting married and cancelled due to corona virus
Support for brides getting married and cancelled due to corona virus

Don't panic

Secondly Don't panic and cancel your wedding, the likelihood of it not going ahead is minimal and if you cancel you will in most cases be liable to pay the full bill for your wedding without it going ahead.

My Wedding Venue has canceled

The worst has happened and there has been an outbreak of COVID-19 at your venue and they have had to cancel - This is, of course, going to be extremely upsetting and stressful, So get in touch with your suppliers and talk to them, the vast majority of reputable suppliers will assist you in rebooking the date, for a day that suits both parties, there may be some cancelation fees but nothing compared to losing all your hard-earned cash.

Even if you haven't had your day canceled but are concerned about anything speak with your supplier and they will help put your mind at ease this is meant to be an enjoyable time so don't let Corona ruin it.

Wedding Insurance Corona Virus
Wedding Insurance Corona Virus

I don't have wedding insurance

If you have Wedding Insurance I would recommend calling them to find out what you are covered for most policies would cover if a venue had to close, but it's worth checking so you know what you are covered for if you don't have wedding insurance it's highly unlikely you will be able to get it now with many of the UK's to suppliers not accepting new policy applications during this time.

So what happens if your wedding supplier contracts coronavirus

So what happens if your wedding supplier contracts coronavirus, In this case, most suppliers have people who can step in and cover them, as with any sickness there is always a backup if your supplier's whole team is out due to coronavirus you in most cases would be able to get a full refund.

Wedding party band Coronavirus
Wedding party band Coronavirus

Try to remain positive

In all honesty, even if it gets to the worst and the government ban all large scale events its likely that your wedding will still go ahead, the ban is believed to cover large scale public events, so private events with 80-100 people will still be able to take place. So keep washing your hands and make the wedding favors hand sanitizer and get ready for the most unbelievable day and if you do need to cancel your event, speak with your venue and suppliers everyone will be most helpful.

List of Positive spins if you're effected


  • a supplier you originally wanted is now available for the new date

  • you can ease up on the wedding diet and enjoy isolation

  • all your elderly guests will be able to attend your new date without fear or panic

  • you can be stress-free and your day won't be overshadowed by the coronavirus

  • you have more time to save - let's face it weddings are a big financial burden if you move your date you can split the costs over a longer period, and take the stress off.

  • you can get an extra you couldn't previously afford

  • you don't have to wear a mask or gloves to your ceremony and reception

  • you can have all your guests at the ceremony rather than just 5

Coronavirus and your wedding
Coronavirus and your wedding

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