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A Palm House Wedding

Updated: 5 days ago

As a band, we are so lucky and get to perform in some of the most beautiful locations and they all offer something slightly different, but WOW the Palm House in Sefton Park Liverpool is unreal. In the 1980s the palm house wasn't looking so great, storms and neglect had taken there toll on this venue, there was even talk of bulldozing it, However, the community got together along with none other than Beatle George Harrison and raised the cash to get this building back in business. it is now run. by the Preservation trust and what a job they do.

Outside the building is striking and inside it takes on a new life a real-life botanical garden you could spend a week in there and still find something new to look at, the way that the light changes throughout the day so the space is constantly changing it makes you feel special.

We provided our couple, Hannah and Greg, with All-day entertainment from our Dj Live wedding band. We sang Hannah down the aisle and partied our way out of the service with a Dj and roaming percussion, During reception drinks, they chose roaming sets from percussion and sax, Everyone was in a great mood and loving the entertainment and the drinks were flowing. Everyone was then seated for the wedding breakfast and our DJ played and got everyone in the mood, after mains Hannah and Greg had an All The Feels Trio set with DJ, vocals and sax all the guests were dancing and enjoying all aspects of this day.

In the evening we had the honor of singing the father-daughter dance My Girl, these are always such special moments and it is so amazing to be a part of them. After that ourselves and the guests were ready to dance the night away with our 5 piece party band, a Dj, 2 vocalists, Percussion and Sax played out hits from all through the years with our modern unique twist. The DJ then played until the carriages arrived. Every wedding is special and Hannah and Gregs did not disappoint. we are also so lucky that the couple allowed us to film the day so everyone can see what happens at an All The Feels Wedding Band Party!

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