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A Carlton Towers Wedding

Updated: 5 days ago

Last weekend we were lucky enough to perform at the stunning Carlton Towers Yorkshire. We first met Amber and Matt at the National Wedding Show last October, they are a super fun young couple who loved what we did. being a Wedding band we get to know lots of venue's however we had never performed at Carlton Towers, if you google the venue it is impressive but nothing can quite prepare you for when you drive up through the tree-lined avenue. Your first glimpse at the house really does just take your breath away! Your eyes are first drawn to the clock tower that looks over the estate. you could look at the building all day and still find new details you had missed. its a cross between Downton Abbey and Hogwarts. As we drove into the house mouths on the floor A very happy chap Tom came down the staircase to greet us and show us around the venue. Honestly, the staff here are incredible so welcoming and went above and beyond for us so I can only imagine the service they gave to Amber and Matts guests. The couple had booked the 5 piece band

with a Dj all evening. The crowd were fantastic and danced all evening long. It was everything as a band you hope a wedding to be. So if you are looking for that manor house fairy tale wedding and don't mind the drive to Yorkshire this is the place! Congratulations Amber and Matt

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